Aiping Wang

Aiping Wang Fulepp

Aiping Wang Fulepp has been openly working in the energy healing field for almost 25 years, since she came out of China into the West. During that time she has constantly developed her system, which is very simple yet powerful.

By allowing herself to connect to the channel of her own master (now deceased) she is able to transform peoples’ lives with both spoken words and silent transmission. Her students learn this ability from her during teaching sessions and thus are able to also do the same kind of work that she does. As Aiping Wang Fulepp is the master of the lineage, she is of course a lot more powerful than her tutees, but her emphasis is on each student to develop the system by proving that it gets results in their own lives first, and then taking this on to their own clients. As a system, it is unique in the world in that it works on so many different levels simultaneously and produces for clients phenomenal results in every area of their lives.

The client literally learns how to flow with energy after some time, depending on each of their own unique circumstances. The results are that the client is able to deal with any situation as it presents itself in their lives… making them highly independent and increasing their abilities to contribute and create more and more in their lives… in the lives of their families, friends, colleagues and clients. This system is a very powerful transformative system, as it literally changes people’s genetic inheritance and also their destiny.

 Now, Aiping Wang Fulepp is taking the next step into the future of humanity, by exploring through research and development the area of ageing. She is determined that she will prove that ageing can be slowed down and furthermore reversed, meaning that the prospect of living forever becomes much more a reality than ever before. And, all without the use of modern medication, surgery or invasive technology.
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