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Natural Relaxation

Natural relaxation is part of Natural health, and is a system of relaxation that can be easily learnt by anyone. It has been synthesised from 20 years of intensive educational and empirical research into different natural health techniques/ methods– from the east to the west. It developed and spread in this time through a collective of individuals based across the world who taught them on to groups of people looking for simple answers to the stresses and strains of modern day living. It has proven itself to be very effective over the last 20 years at helping people reduce stress and the problems associated with it and Natural relaxation helps improve general health levels, thus helping studying abilities… In time its continued use provides a way for people to improve and enhance their whole lives…


This form of relaxation is one of many types existing on the current market. Today, western and eastern views are agreeing that such simple relaxation techniques create a profound state of physical relaxation, bodily health, and mental peace, which modern society is craving for.


Natural relaxation uses life energy to help people relax, which makes it completely unique and an extremely powerful tool to help people regain their inner balance, find true inner peace and re-charge their inner core with fresh, positive energy.

Natural Relaxation Compared to Other Techniques


There are many types of relaxation - there is everything from Transcendental Meditation (TM) to the Silva Mind Control technique to Autogenic Training (AT) – which is incidentally available on the UK NHS, and has been used by everyone from UK GPs to top Olympic athletes for at least 25 years in the UK and in many other countries across the world. See this medical research study done on the positive effects of AT:



Natural Relaxation technique is in some ways similar to AT – albeit simpler, and more powerful, and it also uses life energy whereas AT is just a normal style of relaxation that can however release the subconscious mind and make it known to the practitioner. A German doctor called Dr Johannes Schultz developed AT in 1932 after he made discoveries about the relaxing effects of progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), which were also noted and published in 1938 by E Jacobson, (Progressive relaxation - Chicago: University of Chicago Press).


The pioneering research of Professor Oscar Vogt (1870-1959), a neuro-physiologist and psychiatrist who had dedicated his life to psychosomatic medicine, or what he called the ‘Mind-Body problem’ was also an influence on Schultz. Schultz was also supported by Sigmund Freud, the world famous and influential psychiatrist: “Freud looked at me, sizing me up and said: ‘Surely you do not believe that you could heal?’ whereupon I replied: ‘By no means, but I think that, like a gardener, I could remove obstacles hindering a person’s true development.’… ‘Then we will understand each other,’ answered Freud, ending our conversation with a charming smile.”


From Dr Karl Wongstchowski’s article ‘Schultz the Man’, Newsletter June 1987, British Association for Autogenic Training and Therapy




Is Relaxation Magic?


There is nothing “mystical” about these kinds of relaxation training. It’s pure physiology... and energy is in fact material, as Einstein pointed out many years ago. Natural Relaxation is even simpler and indeed a logical progression of AT and there is an increasing body of scientifically proven, empirical and anecdotal (both professional observational and personal reporting) evidence that relaxation aids recovery from - and also helps prevent illnesses from developing - as does relaxing massage.


This is because it directly combats and diffuses stress, which is now being scientifically linked to everything from the common cold to infertility. For example (Suzy Austin in ‘the Metro’ newspaper, June 21 2006) stated that US scientists at Emory University Atlanta had scientifically proven that “A build up of tension can prevent a woman from ovulating and therefore from conceiving a baby”… and that this was mistakenly and “previously linked to under-nutrition and excessive exercise”. A staggering 80% of a group of women of normal weight who received coaching for 5 months on nutrition, exercise and ways to reduce stress started ovulating again, after having gone at least 6 months without. The study has since been presented to the European society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Prague.


For more information about some of the positive benefits of basic relaxation, see this link:

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